4-3-10 Ventura Raceway Race Report

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4-3-10 Ventura Raceway Race Report

    Last weekend was the first race of the year at Ventura, and the fourth race of the season. Tres and Stew Van Dyne at Van Dyne Engineering worked extremely hard to have our new Honda engine ready for this race. We were able to get it, and put it in on Friday night. We had some minor issues with starting it, the oil pressure was a little too high, and was blowing the O-rings out of the oil filters. But with a small adjustment, it was fixed.
    In hot laps, I was a little loose but was still fast, and hanging with the fast guys no problem. I was starting fourth in the heat race. On the initial start of the race I fell back to the tail end of the pack being stuck up on the top side of the track. After a couple laps, I moved down to try the bottom and it turned the car into a rocket. I started to make up spots and eventually made my way back up to the 3rd position. I had a shot at a win but some bad timed cautions towards the end of the heat forced me to stay in 3rd.
   The main event was interesting to say the least. I started 9th and looked to have a promising finish. It didn’t start off to well when I went inside of the #31 of Bruce Douglas entering turn 3, and he crowded me all the way down to the apron. But before I could even jump on the brakes to let him come down so we wouldn’t hit, I climbed his left rear tire and low-sided, ending up upside down in turn 3. After being stuck upside down for a little, it leaked much of the power-steering fluid out in the cockpit. The track crew finally flipped me over and pushed me off the track. Luckily, all we needed to fix in the pits was the flat left rear tire. The front end was also I little bit tweaked, but it was good enough to get back out on the track. On the restart I started to make my way up through the field, passing cars on the bottom as well as the top. We made it all the way up to around 8th position and then I noticed that the water temp started to climb and it started to lose a little power. This was because the water pump belt had shredded and kicked itself off the pulleys. I was able to nurse it home to an 11th place finish.
   Overall with all the little hiccups that we had over the past two days, we had a successful weekend. I have to thank again Tres and Stew Van Dyne at Van dyne Engineering for all the work they did to the motor, Danny & Bruce Crower for the awesome cams and rods, and Honda Performance for this great new engine. A special thank you to Phil Goodwine and Ray Mills for all their help with fabricating our new MSD Crank Trigger wheel system.  With a few more some small adjustments to it, it will be perfect. I also have to thank Goodwine Glass, Orange County Tank Testing, Lucas Oil, K&N Filters, Oakley, EgoTactics.net, Zanzabuku Sports Lounge, New York Upper Crust Pizza, Mothers Polish, Socal Performance, One Day Signs, and JDR Graphics. Also I want to thank Michael May, Aaron and Andrew Schankerman, Harry Sanders, and JD Laird for helping me out over the past 2 days with the car. Our next race is in Bakersfield for the 5th race of the USAC Western Midget. Hope to see you there!

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