Ventura Race Report 10-16-10

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Ventura Raceway
    It was a cold and wet Saturday night at Ventura Raceway. It felt great to finally be back in the car again since our last race was over a month ago. 30 Midgets were in attendance.
    We were decent in hot laps. For the heat race we made a gear change and some minor chassis adjustments.
    I predicted the track would slick off more and come to us, but it was so wet out the track stayed the same. I was way too tight on entry, causing my exit to be too loose. Still I was able to come from last up to 4th and transfer straight into the main event.
    In the main event, I was starting way back in the back of the pack (14th) and the track being so tacky and locked-down, it would be a long hard fought way to the front. The green dropped, I immediately began picking them off one at a time running the bottom. I moved up top for a couple laps to try to gain a few positions but the top hadn't come in yet, I moved back down low before I lost any positions.
    It was an extremely tight race. Everyone was on top of each other and there was no room for error. A spinning car just in front of me in turn 2 caused a chain reaction. I bumped into the car in front of me and was hit hard by the car behind me in the left side nerf bar sheering my brake line and also bending the front end. I had to park it for the night.
    A 19th place finish is frustration and beyond words. But I keep looking to the future and I can't help but be optimistic for what's coming in the near future and a bit further down the road. This Honda Steath is so close. We have excellent power, in fact the most power I've ever had now thanks to Dan Crower and Crower Performance. Our new and improved and upgrades seem to have fixed what we wanted to fix.
    We'll be ready to give them a run for their money in Tulare November 13. Special Thanks to all of my awesome sponsors; Goodwine Glass, Orange County Tank Testing, Lucas Oil, K&N Filters, Crower Performance, Oakley, One Day Signs,, Zanzabuku Sports Lounge, New York Upper Crust Pizza, Mothers Polish and Socal Performance for their support this season.
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