Honda Racing gets a 1-2 Finish at Placerville!

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August 6/7- Silver Dollar and Placerville Speedway Race Report
    It was a long haul up to Chico, California on Friday for the first night of a two day show. Midgets haven't ran on this track since '97, but there was a great show of 27 cars. No one had any idea of what gear to start out with. Luckily we were extremely close right off the bat, being the fastest in my hot laps session. We did a gear change for the heat race but ended up missing the transfer by one spot. For some reason we were having heating problems, and if we didn't get them figured out, I knew it wouldn't make it for the main.
    I started p3 in the B main. The leader and I were putting on a great show for the win. I was keeping a close eye on the temp gauge making sure it didn't get too hot. While battleing for the lead, we lost a bolt that holds the brake pedal. Even with no brakes I was able to get the win in the B to put us straight through to the feature. The temp was very high though, but luckily not enough to hurt anything.
    In the main we weren't so lucky though. After numerous changes to try and correct our heating problems, nothing worked. I had to pull off half-way through in order to save the engine.
    We made many phone calls to try and figure out what the problem was, but thanks to Mike Walker and Phil Goodwine, we were able to figure out our tricky heating problem before night #2 at Placerville Speedway. We had another strong car count of 28 midgets. We were again very quick in hot laps, just a little off on gear.
    In qualifying I layed down a decent time putting the Lucas Oil/Goodwine Glass Honda in 7th. The heat went for the most part issue free. Despite a huge clump of dirt caving in the arm guard forcing me to drive the car one handed, I still ended up 4th from a p5 starting spot. This put us straight to the A main event.
    After some minor body work repair, we pushed off for the feature. I had a very good starting spot in the 3rd positon. The race was packed full of everything you could have asked for. We stayed in the top 5 all night. It was a ruthless battle for the bottom as the track was completely slicked off to the cushion. It was a very difficult track to drive but I had a blast. With just 2 laps to while I was battleing hard for 2nd, there was a massive wreck behind us which brought out the red, and the race was over finishing p2.
    It was an absolutely incredible night, I couldn't have asked for much more. We have worked so hard to get this Honda going good again, and we finally got it. I can't thank Danny Crower enough for all the help he has given us on the Honda Engine. It was awesome to have a 1-2 finish for HPD and Honda Racing. Congrats to Greg Bragg for getting the W.
    I'd like to give a Special Thanks to first off, my dad for all his hard work. And my awesome sponsors; Goodwine Glass, Orange County Tank Testing, Lucas Oil, K&N Filters, Oakley, EgoTactics.net, Zanzabuku Sports Lounge, New York Upper Crust Pizza, Mothers Polish, Socal Performance, and One Day Signs for their support this season. We couldn't do it without you all. More great finishes to come!

Thanks, Jake

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Solid run at Bakersfield

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6-26-10 Bakersfield Speedway
    With a new Honda engine recipe under the hood, the Swanson Motorsports Team was ready to take to the track in Bakersfield Saturday night with the #05 Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, K&N Filters Honda midget. Danny from Crower Performance in Temecula helped us immensely with trying to get more power out of the Honda 2.0, and helped my dad every step of the way with the assembly. After such a rocky year so far, we deserved a good run.
    The car count was a bit disappointing, only 13 cars, but the competition level was still very high and quite even throughout the field. Hot laps was a shake down to make sure everything was working as it should as this was the first time it had run at high rpm on the track. Everything was perfect on the engine, and the car was just a little free (lacking grip). So we snugged it up for qualifying. We ended up Q'ing 7th with a 13.954 just behind the veteran Cory Kruseman 13.948. I just missed the trophy dash, which takes only the top six by .006 seconds.
    The heat race didn't go so hot. We were too loose, but the main problem was that we didn't have enough forward bite. After starting 3rd, I ran 4th most the race until when battling for 3rd place against my cousin Cody, I got too sideways and lost the rear traction and all my track position. We ended up a disappointing 7th.
    For the main we tightened the car up a ton, hoping to find the forward bite we needed. I had my work cut out for me to get to the front because I was starting next to last. The green flew and I had one great start going from 11th to 5th in one lap, passing each row 3 wide on the low line and then the yellow came out. Luckily it wasn't a complete restart, and I restarted in 6th. In that one lap I knew I was still too loose, and it would be tough to keep those guys I just passed behind me. I started working on the shocks to tighten up the car. It wasn't enough. I started falling back and loosing positions. I began to search around on the track trying to find something to hook up on. The two leaders had checked out, but the 2nd pack was all together about a straight-away ahead of me. Finally I found the grip and started running them down. Soon I was able to gain a few positions back, but ran out of time to get any more than that. We ended up finishing a solid 7th.
    I was very happy with the way we ran. We put forth a great effort, and with some more adjustments on the setup we will be contenting for wins. I'd like to thank Danny Crower for all of his help with this Honda engine. Also Mike Walker for his setup help. Special Thanks to Goodwine Glass, Orange County Tank Testing, Lucas Oil, K&N Filters, Oakley, EgoTactics.net, Zanzabuku Sports Lounge, New York Upper Crust Pizza, Mothers Polish, Socal Performance, and One Day Signs for their support. The next USAC event is at our home track in Lake Perris at the PAS. Hope to see you there!
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