Jake Takes 2nd at Ventura

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Ventura Raceway 8-27-11

    It was back to our home track at Ventura Raceway for the VRA Midget Series. Ventura’s always has strong car counts which enables us to put on a great show for each race. The entire day went very smoothly for the Swanson Motorsports Team. The car seemed very dialed all night. We had to make wholesale changes to the car from hot laps to heat race because of Ventura’s usual dry heat racing conditions. The changes proved successful. I was able to finish P2 in the heat.
    This solid heat race run put us starting on the pole of the 30 lap main event feature. From the drop of the green it was a spectacular show. Jonathan Henry #88 got the top spot after the first corner, but just a few laps later I was battling back for the lead. I was able to get by him just a few laps later, and led most of the race. With about 10 laps to go the cautions started to fly. Caution after caution it seemed like, and the #22 of Brian Camarillo was running hard to get by me. He was up on the top side, I was down low. Finally with just 3 laps to go he was able to have the momentum to get by me. I sure was disappointed to loose the win like that, but it was a fun, clean race for sure. I know if we keep plugging away at it, our time will come.
    I would like to thank all my sponsors for their help and support, it sure does mean a lot, and it enables us to have great runs like this! Thank you Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, Orange County Tank Testing, Crower Performance, HPD, K&N Filters, Oakley, One Day Signs, EgoTactics.net, and Zanzabuku Sports Lounge. We wouldn’t be here without you guys! Also be sure to check out the onboard camera shot of the race at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElVvgzRhiy4


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Jake Swanson August Race Report

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Last week was one of the busiest race weeks on the 2011 schedule. Our first race was on Wednesday 8/3/11at Ventura for the Ventura County Fair Race. An impressive 28 Midgets attempted to make the 22-car feature that night.

We definitely had to work for our spot in the feature. I started in 7th position in a 9-car heat race field. I was able pass the 4th place car at the line transferring me straight into the main event and giving us an 11th place starting spot in the feature event. Unfortunately luck was not on our side for this one. Just a few laps into the race there was a big pile up in the turn 3 corner. I was able to get the car slowed down and turned away from the wad of cars, but the guys behind me didn't and drove us into the mess. The altercation gave us a bent left rear shock. Luckily, my pit crew was able to make quick repairs with a replacement shock. I restarted the race in last position 20th and went to work passing cars as fast as I could. I was able to pass nine cars and grab an 11th place finish.

   Next up was a Friday 8/5/11 night race all the way up in Chico, CA at Silver Dollar Speedway. This wasn't an ideal track for our little Honda Engine but we were still able to qualify a strong 5th. Something that was both amazing and impressive was that three of us drivers tied for 5th place qualifying with a time of 14.639. My cousin Cody and Pete Davis both match my time. We were really happy to get the little Honda to qualify so well. The heat race went smoothly, racing my way up from 5th to 3rd behind Cory Kruseman and Jonathan Henry. The qualifying invert earned me a starting spot on the outside pole, next to cousin Cody. The entire race was an exciting one to watch. It was a great battle between the top 8 cars. Unfortunately our bleeder on the right rear tire stuck which aired down the tire much too low. As the race went on my car got tighter and tighter and we fell back to P7. It still wasn't too bad of a night for the Swanson Motorsports Team.
       Our third and final stop was Placerville Speedway on Saturday night 8/6/11. What a night we had. Once again we qualified with a strong 7th out of 22 cars. I started fifth out of seven cars in the first of three heat races.  I was able to pass a couple of cars and finished 3rd.  The feature event had me on the outside front row. The #00 Pete Davis was on pole and I knew he had more horsepower then I did so I had to get a really good start.  The green flag waved and I was able to quickly jump into an early lead and led the majority of the caution filled race. On lap 22 things began heating up for the lead. We diced back and forth for the top spot and had a great battle going on. But then the 3rd place car got into the mix. The #35 car had been working his way up a few spots and had moved/spun out a few people on his way. He treated me no differently, the next thing I knew I had went from contenting for a win, to spun backwards in turns 1 and 2. My disappointment could not have been any higher! So I filed away the #35 car number in the back of my mind, tag the back if the field, and went to work passing cars as fast as I could. With only a few laps remaining, I didn’t have enough time to get beyond 8th place.  The good news is, we are a team that can and will win races.
 We now have a three-week break until our next race at Ventura on 8/27/11.  This short break gives us an opportunity to respond to some really exciting news USAC just gave us.  USAC has granted Swanson Motorsports the opportunity to run a 2.3 Liter Duel Overhead Cam Four Valve per Cylinder engine.  This will be a nice improvement from our 2.0 308 hp engine that the old USAC rules held us to. USAC is permitting us to run this new 2.3 Liter engine based on the conditions that we work very closely with them so that they can collect data and monitor its performance potential for the 2012 permanent rules. I think we will need to be at a 2.4 Liter to truly match the real competition, but I will be happy with any increase at this point!

 I have to say THANK YOU to all my sponsors that have been helping me all year. I’m sitting 3rd over all in the Western States USAC Midget points because of the awesome support of my sponsors. Goodwine Glass and Orange County Tank Testing have been awesome in their support in getting me to the track and keeping good tires on my car.  Lucas Oil and K&N Filters have kept my engine perfectly clean and lubricated. Crower Performance, HPD Honda Racing and PBH Indy get all the credit for helping us get the very most out of our little engine. Their products and support are with out question the best. Adding the support of Van Dyne Engineering, they are all the reason why I’m so excited about the 2.3 Liter engine we hope to debut on Labor Day weekends Calistoga race September 3 & 4th. 

Check back on my websites or Face Book for continued updates.

Thanks, Jake
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