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July 10 & 11 Ocean Speedway and Ventura

    Last weekend was very busy for me. I was racing Friday night in the Focus at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, then driving back down to Ventura for a USAC Midget race the next day. On Friday, my dad wasn't able to get off work, so he couldn't take me Ocean Speedway in Watsonville. So my Grandpa Swanson, JD Laird, and I went up on our own. I got to drive the truck and trailer up all the way up there and my Grandpa drove me back to Ventura. Jake going 3 Wide at Ventura    Click here to see complete Focus Results
    The track officials did an awesome job of making and keeping the track super tacky at  Ocean Speedway. It was the gripiest track I have ever raced on. JD and I put our baseline setup on for hot laps with a few minor tweaks. When I first went out the car was way too tight. I knew we had to do some major adjusting to get to where we need to be.
    JD and I made quite a few adjustments for the heat, but it still wasn’t enough. On top of that, the track had some holes and ruts in it. There were a few scary moments where the car was completely off the ground and way up on two wheels, but I managed to get up to 2nd place after starting 6th.
    We again made quite a few adjustments for the main, and it was definitely more stable and under control this time. After starting 6th, I ended up with a 4th place finish.
    That night my Grandpa Swanson drove us back to Ventura.  My dad met us at the track, and we got everything all ready to run the #05 Midget. I only got one lap of hot laps before the track officials waved the checkers because of an incident that happened in front of me on the track. It was a bummer because I didn't get much of a feeling for the car. So we made what we thought would be the best adjustments for the heat.
    My heat had some fast people in it, like Hansen, McQueen, Howell, and a few other fast guys. I was starting last. The track got super dry-slick right away, so I was real loose. I tried adjusting my cockpit adjustable shocks, but it wasn't enough to get me the forward bite I needed. But I still put up a pretty good fight. Garret Hansen and I were battling hard till the last lap, we touched and I almost spun. I was able to save it, but still ended up 7th.
    For the main we made some pretty big changes, and hoped for the best. I was starting 19th out of 20 cars. Right off the start I knew we had an awesome racecar. I could go anywhere I wanted to on the track. I was working my way through traffic and got up to about mid-pack when someone checked up in front of me. I just touched them with my left front, but it was enough to bend it up a bit. The officials came and pushed me off the track. The steering was off and it was driving real weird. My crew couldn't do anything about the damage, so I had to deal with it, and just go out and drive it best I could. We found later that the axel was bent, giving it right front lead, the drag link was bent which made the steering weird and also made the steering wheel turned to the right at a degree angle. I restarted at the back again and despite it driving funny, was able to pass a lot of cars and get back up to about mid-pack. But then, as I was going for a pass on the outside, the guy on the inside touched the car in front of him. This made him almost spin out and go up the track in front of me. He caught my front bumper and spun me around. Since I had stopped on the track twice, 2 DOT's, they parked me. I ended up 19th. It was a real bummer that it happened because we had such a fast racecar and I knew we could have finished strong. But we'll have to do it next time.
    Special thanks to my Grandpa for helping drive to Watsonville and back, and also to JD Laird for helping pit for me. Also thanks to all my incredible sponsors; Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, Orange County Tank Testing, K&N Filters, Schankerman Family, Mothers Polish, Oakley, One Day Signs and So Cal Hi-Performance.
    The next race is back at Perris Auto Speedway on August 1st. Hope to see ya there!
Thanks, Jake

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July 4th Perris Auto Speedway

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Jake Swanson July 4th 2009 at the PASJake Swanson takes home 2nd place at the PAS...

This year my family and I spent the 4th of July at Perris Auto Speedway. I was racing the #88 Schankerman Ford Focus.  I was very excited to come back to the PAS, first of all because I really enjoy racing there, and I was going for back to back wins at this track. The competition was tough, and I knew we were going to have to work hard for this one.

    The car was pretty good in practice, so we made the adjustments that we thought would be good for the type of track we would have for the heat race. In the heat I would be starting outside front row, next to #91 Brody Roa. I ended up second to Brody. I knew we needed to pick it up a little bit for the main in order to have a good car to chase down Brody and some of the other competition out there.
   My second place finish in the heat race put me in the outside front row again for the feature. My dad and I made quite a few adjustments on the car to tighten it up, because the track was going very dry.
    At the start of the main I dropped back to 3rd place. A few laps later I was able to get around 2nd place and was now trying to chase down the leader of Brody Roa. My dad and I didn't anticipate the track being as dry as it was, so I was a little loose. I started adjusting on my cockpit adjustable shocks and brake bias, but it wasn't enough to run down the #91. I ended up second to Brody. I was very happy with our performance. Congradulations to Brody on his win. Special Thanks to all my amazing sponsors; The Schankerman Family, Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, Orange County Tank Testing, K&N Filters, Mothers Polish, Oakley, One Day Signs and Socal Performance.
    My next race will be friday at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville in the Focus, then back down to Ventura on Saturday in the Midget. Hope to see ya there!
    Be sure to check out my new personal website we built that was opened on July 4th and tell me what you think.
Thanks, Jake
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