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 The Month of May Race Report

These past few weeks have been very eventful and enjoyable for the Swanson Motorsports Team. The new VRA series at Ventura Raceway keeps us very busy week to week. Running the majority of the races this year at Ventura has proven a perfect testing ground to fine tune our Honda program.  
    Starting off the season in the USAC Series with a top 10 at Chico and a 2nd place at Ventura has given us tremendous momentum going into halfway through the season. The VRA Midget Series has run three races since then.
    Each week we have gotten better, and that much closer to our first win for HPD and Honda Racing. Every race we've been able to have strong runs, and put the S2k Powered #05 Midget in the top ten.
    The first VRA race was April 23rd. It was a hard fought battle coming from an extremely poor starting spot of 19th, to finish in the 7th position.
    One week later we ran the second VRA race of the season. The Honda had a decent starting position, but not the luck. An accident up at the top of turn two occured right in the groove and in an attempt to avoid it, spun the car out. I once again had to come from last. We we're still able to salvage a solid 10th place, but it was still kind of a dissapointing night.
    Finally, our most recent race, May 14th was back at the Ventura beach for the third VRA Series race of the season. We had been fast all year so far, and I was looking foward to a good run. A strong heat race finish put me starting on the front row. My goal was to get the Honda Power wound up on the top of the track where we had been the last 3 races at this place. The first laps of the race however, proved that tonight, the top wasn't the place to be. The bottom had the most bite, and missing the apron by a few inches would loose valuable positions. We battled for the lead for most of the race until the #2 of Robby Josett took charge to the lead. I lacked just a little side-bite in the center of both corners, and that hurt us. We fell back to a P4 finishing spot that night. It was a very solid run that puts us in 3rd for the overall VRA Points Chase.
    2011 has been an exciting season so far, check in on the website once and awhile to stay updated! www.jakeswanson.com
    Of course, the SM team wouldn't be having the success it's having today without our Partners, supporters, and sponsors. I would like to thank Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, Orange County Tank Testing, Crower Performance, HPD, K&N Filters, Oakley, One Day Signs, EgoTactics.net, and Zanzabuku Sports Lounge for their support.

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Jake Takes Home 2nd at Ventura Raceway

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3-19-11 Ventura Raceway

The first race of the VRA Midget season and the second USAC Western States event kicked off last Saturday night.  For this race, and a four others throughout the year, USAC and VRA have teamed up to create an event called "Battle at the Beach."  These events pay a whopping $2000 to win.  Rain threatened to cut the night short quite a few times but luckily the Midgets were able to get their entire day of racing in. 

Hot laps went by quick and after a few checks to make sure everything was running as it should, we focused on dialing in my car setup.  Our new base-line setup was very good and I only wanted a few tweaks for the heat race.  In the heat race I had to start last (7th). The top 4 finishers would go on to the A-main, the rest would be put in the semi.  I got a great start and immediately jumped into the 3rd position behind the #19 of Tanner Swanson.  A few laps later I was able to jump around the outside of Tanner and started to chase down the leader. I got to the bumper of the leader #15 of Connor Kassik, but I ran out of laps and settled for second. 

My second place heat race finish put me in an excellent starting spot for the feature-outside second row.  As the cars got all lined up it began to sprinkle and the track became extremely slick.  There was a big cushion the sprint cars had made way up at the fence, I knew I'd have to run that line to get the bite I needed.  The green dropped and I went straight to the top and jumped into 3rd in the first corner.  I was able to pick off second place and then the yellow caution flag came out.  This was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to make my move for the lead, if I could make it stick on this wet rainy surface.  On the restart I got up a groove higher than the leader where I had just a little more bite, and timed it just right down the front straight to make the move at the top of the track.  I cleared him at the top of turn 1.  It felt good to be back out front in this car!  I held onto the lead for about 10 laps until I hit lap traffic, and veteran Cory Kruseman got pass me while we both were passing a lapped car.  From then on I stayed close but couldn't quite get in position to regain the top spot.  The checkers flew with me in second. 

I am very proud of our second place effort.  I feel like we are really getting a handle on our Honda recipe.  We definitely learn a lot last year.  I think we've got a pretty good thing going right now, and not just with our Honda power plant, but our chassis tuning also.  I can't wait to get back out there and battle for more wins this season and hopefully a Championship.  We are only a few races into the 2011 season and I'm currently sitting in 2nd place in the VRA, USAC Western States Midgets, and USAC Focus Midget Series.  My season has kick off very well thanks to all my sponsors. And I can't thank all my sponsors enough! Goodwine Glass, Lucas Oil, Orange County Tank Testing, Crower Performance, HPD, K&N Filters, Oakley, One Day Signs, EgoTactics.net, and Zanzabuku Sports Lounge.

Click on the links below to see a video, full results and lap times.
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmG3Uy4fjag&feature=channel_video_title
USAC http://www.usacracing.com/midget_index/news_m/4361.html
VRA http://www.venturaraceway.com/all%20results/2011%20Results/march_19%20results.htm
MyLaps.com http://www.mylaps.com/results/showrun.jsp?id=1806320

Thanks, Jake



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